Optimisezvos décisions grâceà la data

Harness transactional and shopper data

Take better decisions thanks to predictive tools

Reach undisputed short term ROI

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Drive smarterbusiness decisionsthroughdata

Improve product mix, sales, and overall store performance with retail Augmented Intelligence

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Harness transactional and shopper data

Take better decisions thanks to predictive tools

Reach undisputed short term ROI

Features Retailers

Data-science at the service of shopper-based business decisions

Features Brands

Shopper-Centric Revenue Growth Management

Why Memory ?


We adjust our solutions to the exact needs of our clients


We leave the choice to cherry-pick within the 30+ modules of our platform


We constantly innovate, adding new functionalities & features


We put the shopper at the center of all our recommendations

Immediate ROI

We always deliver an instant payback, via smarter decisions, data monetization and productivity

Decision orientation

We deliver recommendations for actions, not just insights

It’s a win-win!


From 2% to 10% category growth through better business decisions on marketing mix


15% to 30% improvement of promotions profitability


It’s a win-win, with zero cash-out through our datasharing model


Time saved using our platform to take decisions

Discover why they choose Memory

Head of the Customer & Competition Research Department

Since the beginning of In The Memory, the Intermarché teams have been using a platform that has been designed to match our needs on a daily basis, with an easy access to all our transactional and shopper data. No technical or computer skills are required to use the platform. It is simple, efficient and business-oriented.

Chef Sam
Country Manager France

Memory is a very accurate and easy-to-use source of data. It is affordable, focused on our key clients and it allows us to better track the performance of our products and to better understand our categories. The return on investment is immediate.

La pépitière

Memory allows us to identify in-store growth opportunities and to focus our investments in the best stores. A real one-stop-shop solution: data accuracy, simplification and fluidity of information. We communicate with the banner in a much more fact-based and relevant manner, and thus can accelerate numeric distribution when our product success calls for it !

Pernod Ricard France
Off Trade Category Manager

We have created with Memory a tailored solution enabling us to feed our internal systems with monthly KPIs on Pernod Ricard brands & SKUs. Memory's data & retail expertise has been very useful to create an efficient process and reliable & profond data set. They perfectly fit our need of data & KPIs.

Cristalco France
Category Manager

A well-designed platform, that gives us access to a very rich set of data, accessible via a comprehensive tool which helps us in taking the right decisions !