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Retail Media
Retail Media

Retail media, a strategy for targeted communication to consumers, has become an essential strategy in the retail sector, enabling retailers to monetise their available space while at the same time targeting their shoppers in a relevant way, with a logic of loyalty-building or recruitment.

Among the issues highlighted in the implementation of this strategy is the data : it is essential to activate the right data in order to learn the lessons that will enable the success of these Retail media campaigns. Data is therefore at the heart of targeting diagnostics, but also of ROI measurements for the campaigns conducted.

Another challenge is to collaborate with the right partners in these media campaigns, whether industrial or trusted service providers, to manage the different steps in the process. Our platform is at the heart of this strategy.

Precisely target the consumers to be addressed

Precisely target the consumers to be addressed

In just a few clicks, on our platform, obtain a performance diagnosis of your categories to be addressed and the levers to be activated depending on their over/under-performance on different levels (product segments, brands, products, customers, shops, etc.) and identify the sales strategy to implement depending on consumer trends (traffic, loyalty, average basket, food rates, etc.).

Depending on these factors, identify the customer groups to be addressed:

  • Either automatically: groups of customers already predefined according to consumption criteria on the perimeters of the categories/brands of your choice (drop-outs, new customers, low purchase frequency, low average basket, etc.).
  • Or semi-automatically: it is possible to refine the predefined customer groups by selecting one or more performance indicators (e.g. customers who drop out of the Pasta category and are part of the Families segment).
  • Or manually: choose as many performance indicators as you like on the category/brand levels of your choice to target customer groups as you wish by cross-referencing the indicators (e.g. cross-reference large customers on the Pasta category but small customers on the own-brand and part of the Young Couples without Children segment, etc.).

Once you've identified the target customer groups, you can click to ask the tool to isolate comparison customers in order to measure the ROI of the campaign.

Launch a personalised media campaign quickly

Launch a personalised media campaign quickly

On the platform, once you've identified the customer groups you want to target, you can set up a new media campaign and associate mechanics/communications for each customer group. The validated information is then sent to our partners in order to implement the campaign operationally. Everything is taken care of, with no additional action required on your part.


Measure ROI and learn from it for future campaigns

Thanks to the freshness of the data, you can manage the campaign's performance almost in real time by following shoppers' consumption and performance indicators. The granularity will enable you to pilot the measurement right down to the product, the shop and even the day. Real time also enables campaign participants (brands, service providers, you retailers) to react quickly in the event of underperformance to adjust offers/media and readjust the campaign.

Incremental and ROI indicators will also available thanks to the isolation of comparison customers, allowing you to know precisely the impact generated by your campaign and to learn relevant lessons to improve future media campaigns if necessary.

Measure ROI and learn from it for future campaigns


In conclusion, we offer you precision, personalization, cost effectiveness and adaptability for your Retail media strategy.