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We help brands increase revenues and profits via predictive scenarios for their assortments, promotions and merchandising. With A.I. applied to transactional and shopper data, RGM can be much more than a list of tactics about how to play with channels, pack sizes or price grids.

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Shopper-Centric Revenue Growth Management

Our tools and recommendations allow brands to reconcile the CPG view with the retailer view and integrate in the brief the core beliefs in terms of category strategy and brand priorities.To deliver this, we dig into data but we do not sell data. Hence, we are agnostic of the data sources that you use and can work with all types.

Why Memory ?


We adjust our solutions to the exact needs of our clients


We leave the choice to cherry-pick within the 30+ modules of our platform


We constantly innovate, adding new functionalities & features


We put the shopper at the center of all our recommendations

Immediate ROI

We always deliver an instant payback, via smarter decisions, data monetization and productivity

Decision orientation

We deliver recommendations for actions, not just insights

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