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We help retailers take shopper-based decisions by applying A.I to all the richness of the available data (transactional data, shopper data, product data…) and by delivering recommendations at a granularity level that is truly operational: which sku in which store, which promotion for which week, which merchandising sequence by category…

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Data-science at the service of shopper-based business decisions

We make sure that users remain in full control of their decisions by both integrating your strategies, priorities and constraints and by enabling the user to adjust the tool recommendations as he/she believes is fit. Our objective is not replace the human intelligence with artificial intelligence, but rather to augment the intelligence of retail professionals by focusing their time on value-added tasks while providing them with maximal computing power

Why Memory ?


We adjust our solutions to the exact needs of our clients


We leave the choice to cherry-pick within the 30+ modules of our platform


We constantly innovate, adding new functionalities & features


We put the shopper at the center of all our recommendations

Immediate ROI

We always deliver an instant payback, via smarter decisions, data monetization and productivity

Decision orientation

We deliver recommendations for actions, not just insights

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