Hello world!

A new design story at Memory

Hello world!

On a beautiful spring day, at yet another meeting between the CTO, CPO and CDO, we were looking into each other’s eyes, when we finally decided to take the plunge: ‘let’s hire a Lead UX designer’. And just like that, our very first design professional got on board. During its first days, Jubéo, got in charge of revamping the identity of our Memory Platform and website” So much for a flagship project!

Later on, Jubéo came to me and said: “Alexis, we are going to create a blog for the new website”, I answered “Perfect!”, right before he added “And I think you should write the first post explaining this redesign of the identity”, to which I replied “Mmmm…”. As you can see, vocabulary wasn’t quite my cup of tea… But the day has now come, and before going any further, let me go back to the beginning of Memory!


Friendly reminder!

Memory is now over 4 years old and gone is the time when we were only 5 (Maxime, Ronan, Audrey, Thomas, and me), in a living room (the French version of the American garage!), starting from scratch to create the data tool of tomorrow for Retail actors. Despite time flying at full speed, some items remain immutable, such as the desire to hold on to strong convictions by bringing agility and innovation into digitalizing the world of distribution thanks to data.

Memory 2019


Memory 2019


First, I would like to thank all those who have contributed to this human adventure, starting, of course, with the ‘Memories’ (yes Team, it’s new) and the former members of the team who have now left for other adventures! Moreover, we wouldn’t be where we are now without the unfailing trust of our first clients who believed in us, special thanks to Caroline 😉!

Today it is time for a second important step in our shared project, via the acquisition of Memory by SES Imagotag and we want to thank Thierry Gadou for his trust.


What’s next?

In the end, business strategy is quite simple when staying at a very high level. After making our mark to become leader of category management data platforms in the French food retail industry, two ideas drive us: internationalise our model and integrate it to other sectors of activity and professions, help digitize the decision processes, accelerate, and improve the choices made in our stores. In short, inventing the stores of tomorrow!



Here again, it’s quite simple! Meeting Thierry Gadou, president of SES Imagotag gave us a clear answer. It then became obvious to us that the best solution to write the next page of Memory was to join forces with a major retail actor. One that is 100% complementary to Memory, and with a strong project for physical retail.

The future of stores will be through the digitalisation of the physical store and not necessarily through the GAFAM or e-commerce platforms, all the more so in a context of climate crisis! Let’s innovate! Let’s conquer the world and create the store of tomorrow thanks to powerful and business-oriented tech. Because that is what is most important: serving the profession and helping the decision-making processes of professionals. To use startup terms, let’s upscale Memory, keep the strengths that are ours and accentuate them thanks to this acquisition!


OK Google!

Back to the original topic: writing a post about our new identity. Since we all get lazy and that, as we saw at the beginning of this post, I’m lacking vocabulary, I thought that ChatGPT would help me. The summary of our future AI best friend is as follows: “In short, a redesign of the brand and visual identity can help your company communicate more effectively with customers, differentiate you from competitors and strengthen your online presence. It is an important investment for the future of your company which will allow you to adapt to changes in the market and to the expectations of your customers”.

OK Google, no wait OK ChatGPT! AI, therefore, does have the ability to make knowledge accessible to everyone, but only human can, in my opinion, provide the uniqueness of an answer, put their DNA into it. Let’s use AI to automate what will take us a long time to do and to fuel our creativity but not to diminish our capacities for innovation and reflection. Now that the subject is open, dig into all this a bit!



We are now embarking on the second part of the adventure, where our baby has become a beautiful teenager with its strengths and its ambitions, but who still needs tutors to help it develop and grow in the right direction.
For this new major step in the life of Memory, we have decided to mark this breakthrough with a new identity. A visual identity that suits us: dynamic, out of the box, supporting our new ambitions our new product and commercial positioning (thank you ChatGPT). The objective: improve head office decision-making and store execution, for retailers or industrial partners.

This new identity will be accompanied this year by the revamp of our website, which will be the showcase of our international ambitions and of a new experience on our Memory 360 tool. Not to mention, many product innovations, unique on the market and new solutions around store operational performance! Wait and see…


For the curious, looking forward to discussing.

See you!

Alexis Mau