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Inside the Process: How Memory Builds its Engineering Team

Our playbook for attracting tech talent

Inside the Process: How Memory Builds its Engineering Team

At Memory, we're in the business of translating complex data into powerful solutions for retailers. But to turn this ambition into reality, we rely on more than just algorithms and data models; we lean on the heart of our operation: our team. This diverse group of thinkers and doers is what makes our innovation possible. And that's why, when it comes to hiring, we're not just filling roles, we're investing in the talent that shapes our future.

Start with “Why”

In the spirit of Simon Sinek's influential book, "Start with Why," we believe that understanding the “why” behind our hiring decisions is crucial. Hiring for the sake of expanding numbers is a strategy we consciously avoid. Instead, we continually reassess our motivations for hiring, ensuring that there is a compelling reason behind each recruitment decision.

Our hiring decisions usually arise from two scenarios: filling a specific gap in our team, or strengthening our existing workforce. These aren't random; they are well-thought-out actions based on the ever-changing needs of our company and our projects.

We're always searching for areas where our team falls short, whether it's in balance, workload or skill set. An effective team is flexible and adaptable, not stagnant. The gaps could be technical skills, leadership ability or soft skills – all are equally significant. Knowing our deficiencies helps us tailor our hiring process to address them effectively.

In essence, starting with 'why' means our hiring decisions are strategic, informed, and driven by purpose. It ensures we're strengthening our team, enhancing our collective skill set, and aligning with our long-term objectives. This understanding of 'why' provides direction for our recruitment, ensuring that every new hire is a positive step forward.

Collaboratively Shaping the Ideal Profile

For each hiring decision, our primary step is to meticulously define our needs, and we achieve this through collaboration. Defining a role isn't just about filling a vacant spot or adding skills to our talent pool. It's about understanding how a new team member can complement and enhance our existing dynamics. To get this insight, we engage directly with the team members.

Building a candidate's profile is a collaborative effort. This profile should reflect not only the necessary skills and qualifications, but also the personality traits and working style that align with our core values and team culture.

We are not just hiring for the present, but also for the future. Therefore, we seek candidates who can adapt and grow with us. The team's input is crucial in identifying traits and potential in candidates that align with our growth trajectory.

Engineering team at Memory

Hiring as a Habit, Not an Event

Hiring is not a one-time task, but rather a habit that a team needs to adopt. Finding the right person for a role takes time, effort, and resources, and it requires the collaboration and commitment of the entire team. It is not something that can be accomplished overnight, and it requires a consistent effort to ensure that the right people are joining the organization.

At Memory, we strive to maintain a constant flow of profiles to interview. This approach allows us to refine our understanding of the market, our needs, and our interviewing process.

By making it a habit, we can ensure that we find the right person for the job, rather than simply the best profile of the week.

Hiring is not just the responsibility of the HR team. Rather, it's a shared responsibility that requires involvement and insights from all team members. They bring invaluable perspectives on the requirements of the role and the qualities of the ideal candidate. In addition, their input in evaluating prospective hires during interviews can greatly enhance the hiring process.

The team's dedicated involvement in hiring also contributes to a positive candidate experience. This is a vital element in attracting and retaining top-tier talent.

Transparency and Clarity

We believe in the power of self-awareness. As a company, we're aware of our unique strengths that give us an edge, but we're equally open about our weaknesses. This understanding allows us to continuously improve, adapt, and grow in a way that matches our mission and values.

This understanding extends to how we present ourselves to prospective hires. We've reflected on what we offer as an employer and how this fits with the needs and aspirations of potential team members. This includes our advanced work environment, our commitment to personal and professional growth, our teamwork-focused culture, and our impactful role in the retail industry.

We've made our value proposition clear, straightforward, and easy to understand. We believe that being transparent is essential to attract the right talent. When candidates know what we stand for and what we offer, they can decide if we're the right fit for them. This clarity helps us draw in candidates who align with our values and goals, and it also sets clear expectations for a positive working relationship from the beginning.

Fast-Paced, Data-Driven Hiring

In today's competitive job market, speed is everything. However, it's not just about moving fast; it's about moving smart. That's where our data-driven approach comes into play. At our core, we're a data company, so it's only natural that data informs every aspect of our hiring process. We regularly monitor and analyze key hiring metrics, helping us identify areas for improvement and optimize our workflow.

This optimization allows us to promise candidates a response within 14 days from their first point of contact. This swift process not only keeps top talent engaged but also reflects our respect for their time, no contributing to a positive candidate experience.

Extending our commitment to speed and efficiency, we set high standards for the hiring firms we partner with. Far from traditional client-vendor relationships, we foster long-lasting partnerships integral to our hiring success. We streamline our communication through dedicated Slack connections between our teams, enhancing our efficiency and ensuring that each potential candidate gets the attention they deserve.

Despite our focus on speed, we never compromise on quality. Every stage of our process, from initial sourcing to final decision making, is carefully curated to ensure we bring on board individuals who are not just skilled but are also a great fit for our company culture.

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Our journey in building a strong engineering team at Memory is an ongoing one and hiring is one of the many elements in play. But it's just the beginning. We've got a lot more to share on how we grow, innovate, and adapt. So, stay tuned - this is just the start of a conversation !

If you’re excited about our approach and see yourself contributing to our mission, we invite you to explore our current job openings or simply reach out via email. Who knows? Our next ‘why’ might just be you!