Optimizing In-Store Performance with Memory Platform

Unlocking the Full Potential of Retail Success and Shopper Insights

Optimizing In-Store Performance with Memory Platform

Harness the power of Memory platform to oversee and optimize the performance of your in-store initiatives! Memory thoroughly examines all in-store activations, encompassing activities such as merchandising rearrangements, point-of-sale advertising displays, in-store events, and marketing mix operations. Here's what Memory empowers you to do:

Identify the ideal reference stores by:

1. Utilizing various matching criteria.
2. Having the option to exclude specific stores from the analysis.
3. Automatically receiving recommendations for the best reference stores.

Conduct a detailed ROI analysis of your in-store efforts, including:

1. In-depth indicators that elucidate performance disparities.
2. The ability to scrutinize results at a highly granular level.

Understand the influence of shoppers during the testing phase by gaining insights into:

1. Shopper profiles and characteristics.
2. A breakdown of differences in shopper recruitment.
3. The highlighting of variances in purchase shifts resulting from the implemented changes.

Memory Infographic

Memory offers you the means to define the entry points of your retail universe and simulate their effects. This includes refining your product offerings and sequencing, optimizing visibility and turnover, and addressing the specific needs of your customers.